Biggs & Littles Mentorship

Once a month we take a group of children along with a group of mentors and provide and activity for them the connect through. These activities range from a picnic at the park to taking the group to Daze in a Maze. The excitement on the children's faces when they play dress up with their mentor at Leonardo's, or sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" at their first baseball game is beyond words. We need caring adults who will commit to one event each month to connect with these kids and show them that people care about them, and they can do anything they set their minds to. 

What does it look like?

Children in the Biggs & Littles program are ages 4-18. Depending on our numbers, each mentor typically has 1-3 children that they will mentor at an event and we try to keep kids with the same mentor if possible so they can build a lasting relationship. If a mentor decides they would like to connect with their Little more than once a week, we have partnered with Coach-a-Kid where you can visit your Little once a week at their school and help them with homework and play a game or two. 

The Biggs & Littles Mentorship program was created through Feed the Neighborhood, an annual event created to feed, serve, and empower the students in Enid, Oklahoma. Feed the Neighborhood gives away approximately 1,500 backpacks and school supplies and offers many free services to the families in the community. Becoming a Mentor is a way that you can help empower these children and teens year-round. 

Through this mentorship program, we are able to help these children throughout the school year by providing mentoring, tutoring, and being a positive influence. Our goal is to empower these students to do their best and to help them know they can do anything they put their mind to. As a Bigg, you will help a child succeed in school, avoid bad choices, and build their self-confidence. The impact you and your little have on each other will last a lifetime.