Making a Difference, Inc. (MAD) is a non-profit organization located in    Enid, Oklahoma.

Services Offered:

    Supervised Visits
    Mentorship Program
    Community Outreach


There are many opportunities at Making a Difference, Inc. Our current employment opportunities are counseling positions. We are looking for licensed counselors in Enid, OK. We are also in need of transporters.

Volunteer opportunities include driving for the after school group program, being a mentor, helping with events, and more.

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Making a difference, inC.

Making a difference in our world, one family at a time.

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Our mission here at Making a Difference, Inc. is to make a difference in our community.

Making a Difference, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Enid, Oklahoma that provides many services. Some of these services include counseling, a mentorship program, and supervised visits. You can read about the services we provide under the "Services" tab.


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Making a Difference, Inc. is located inside of World Harvest Church and is a ministry of the church. Church attendance is not required to receive services. Faith based services are available. 

Hours are by appointment.




Executive Director;

Justin Simmons & His wife Carol Simmons.


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