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Robyn Honeycutt, PsyD

Most people do well in life if they can. If there are problem areas you haven't been able to overcome, let's work together to identify what needs to change. You may be using strategies that aren't working, and need additional skills to manage the situation. Using a strengths-based approach, we'll identify what's going well in your life and what still needs improvement, including why the unwanted patterns persist. 

As with physical wellness, mental wellness is found on a continuum. If you've observed behaviors or emotional responses in yourself or your child's life, that don't seem quite right, I can also help you and your family with individually tailored and empirically validated assessments, psychological testing, and treatment. Trust your instincts and seek advice before the issues progress.

ADHA | Depression | Anxiety | PTSD/Trauma | IQ Testing | Personality Disorders | Coulpes\Relationship Conflict | Mood Disorders

Robyn Honeycutt, PsyD., a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, received her doctoral degree from George Fox University in 2012. Her clinical work includes staff psychologist at Providence Health and Services medical group in Portland Oregon, Kaiser Permanente, the Veterans Administration, private practice, and George Fox University counseling clinic. In addition, she has thirty years of lay counseling experience working with youth and families in the community, church, and camping ministries.


I'm always looking forward to connecting with new clients. Contact our office today if you would like to schedule an appointment.


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