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Making a Difference
Youth Programs

At Making a Difference (MAD) in Enid, Oklahoma, we are committed to empowering the youth of our community to thrive, regardless of their background.

Our MAD Youth Programs embody this dedication through two impactful initiatives:

The Micro Learning Center provides a secure environment for students engaged in online schooling, fostering a supportive space for homework completion and peer connections. Additionally, our MAD Aerospace Program aims to fuel the enthusiasm for aviation and aerospace among teenagers. This after-school program combines hands-on activities, STEM projects, learning sessions, field trips, and inspiring guest speakers, offering participants a unique and educational journey into the fascinating realms of aeronautics and astronautics.

Join us in shaping the future of our youth and inspiring passion for lifelong learning.

Micro Learning Center

  • Age: Middle & High School 

  • Date: Monday - Thursday during the school year

  • Time: 10a-3p

  • Location: Making a Difference 129 N. University Ave Enid, OK

  • Cost: $40/week - no student will be turned away because they cannot pay. 

Click the links to see the documents​:

Program Overview:

The MAD Micro Learning Center is a small, intentionally designed learning environment that consists of a small group of students, fewer than 15 students, that promotes a personalized learning environment, flexibility, and a strong sense of community among students, parents, and program leaders.  MAD Micro Learning Center will support students who utilize the homes schooling program of their choice for example Epic, K-12, or Enid Public Schools.  Further, MAD will provide areas for students to complete zoom class time or meetings with their teachers as needed.  MAD Micro Learning Center will not provide the curriculum for homeschooling students but rather a small atmosphere with supportive leaders that can assist them in their education experience.

Key Benefits of MAD's Micro Learning Center:
  1. Personalized Learning: MAD recognizes the benefits of homeschooling curriculums that allow students to explore areas of personal interest, and the ability to progress at their own pace.  

  2. Flexibility: MAD will have a flexible schedule that will adapt to the needs of the students.  

  3. Strong Community: MAD would like to assist students in developing a close-knit, nurturing, inclusive community that will encourage students to support one another through their educational and life experiences.  

  4. Sensory Friendly Atmosphere: MAD has created a sensory-friendly atmosphere that minimizes harsh lighting, reduces noise levels, utilizes music and sound that promotes peace, introduces aromatherapy, and offers sensory-friendly materials and textures, with the goal of promoting a sense of safety and acceptance for individuals with sensory sensitivities. 

  5. Focus on Holistic Development: MAD would like to encourage not only academic growth but also social and emotional development, that will foster well-rounded individuals.  MAD will offer therapeutic support to students who are struggling in areas such as anxiety, social anxiety, depression, ADHD or experienced bullying in traditional schools. 

MAD Aerospace Afterschool Program

  • Age: Middle & High School 

  • Date: Feb. 12 - May 1

  • Time: Monday - Wednesday 4-6p

  • Location: Making a Difference 129 N. University Ave Enid, OK

  • Cost: $30/week - no student will be turned away because they cannot pay. 

Click the links to see the documents​:

Program Overview:

Our Aerospace Afterschool Program is designed to ignite the passion for aviation and aerospace in teenagers. This program offers an exciting and educational experience for teens who are interested in exploring the world of aeronautics and astronautics. Through a combination of hands-on activities, STEM projects, learning sessions, field trips and guest speakers in which participants will gain valuable insights into the field of aerospace.

Program Highlights:
  1. Hands-On Projects: Teens will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on projects that showcase the principles of aeronautics. From building model airplanes to designing and launching rockets, participants will get a taste of the practical side of aviation.

  2. Learning Sessions:  Participants will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics including aircraft design, navigation, aerospace history, and the latest advancements in aerospace technology while exploring careers in manned and unmanned flight.

  3. Field Trips: Exciting field trips to aerospace-related facilities, such as airports, aircraft museums, and college campuses, will provide participants with real-world exposure to the aeronautics industry.

  4. Simulation Exercises: Teens will have the opportunity to experience flight simulation exercises, utilizing simulators, donated by Vance Airforce Base, allowing participants to virtually pilot aircraft and understand the intricacies of aviation.

  5. Guest Speakers: Professionals from the aeronautics field will share their experiences and insights, providing inspiration and guidance for teens interested in pursuing careers in aviation.

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