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Supervised Visits

Supervised visits provide an alternative to unsupervised visits and exchanges by providing an emotionally and physically safe environment where children may visit with their non-residential parent. Both parties must agree to abide by the policies set forth by the agency. We make every effort to accommodate both parties but availability is subject to the supervisor’s schedule.

Possible reasons for using supervised visitation:

  • History of domestic violence

  • History of drug/alcohol usage

  • Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of a child

Supervised visitation services are NOT:

  • Counseling or therapeutic sessions

  • Venting sessions

  • Mediation

  • Legal advice

The supervisor will not render opinions or recommendations to the court or any party concerning custody, parent competency, or the quality of parent-child interactions. Non-mental health professional supervisors will only report on facts and observable details of the supervision, i.e. supervision schedule, punctuality, adherence to rules and policy, safety concerns, and any unusual or critical incidents. 


  • Fully Supervised Visits: Visits are held at the offices of Making a Difference, Inc. or an alternative place that is mutually agreed upon and is continuously monitored by a visitation supervisor watching and listening during the entire visit. The supervisor offers assistance as needed to ensure appropriate participant/child interactions.

  • Supervised visits are monitored by an approved paraprofessional that is not a mental health professional. Approved paraprofessionals have had a background check completed, are unbiased (do not have any relationship with either party), and have been trained to provide supervision services.​​

  • Monitored Exchanges: The residential participant brings the child to Making a Difference, Inc., where the non-residential participant picks up the child and returns him/her to the agency at a specified time. A visitation supervisor is present during the exchanges but does not participate in the visitation and the visiting parent and child or children will leave the agency for the visitation.

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